Album details

Artist Meco
Album Star Wars and other Galactic Funk HIPD-40171
Year 1999
Album DR 08
Min. track DR 06
Max. track DR 09
Track DR
08 09 06 08
Codec Uncompressed PCM (WAV)
Source CD
Label Hip-O Records
Label code
Catalog number HIPD-40171
Bar code 0 76744 01712 3
Country USA
Comment FINALLY! Glad to have submitted the CD release of this childhood memory on DR Database. :) Originally released in 1977 on Millennium Records. (how appropriate!) Produced by Meco, Harold Wheeler, & Tony Bongiovi When my parents bought me the vinyl back in '78 I played it to death! I don't know if I even still have it. The 1999 CD dynamic range #s look suspiciously low, as if possibly some dynamics processing might have been applied to this reissue. It still sounds OK and brings back the vibe from when I was 8, but I'd love to have heard the original masters transfered to CD with just a little cleaning up.
Log file
 Analyzed folder: C:\Users\Chris\Music\07 - Specific Artists\Meco - Star Wars and other Galactic Funk HIPD-40171\
 DR   	   Peak     	   RMS      	 Filename

 DR8	  -0.27 dB	  -9.26 dB	 01 Star Wars.wav
 DR9	  -0.25 dB	 -10.44 dB	 02 Other Galactic Funk.wav
 DR6	  -0.25 dB	  -8.70 dB	 03 Star Wars Theme,Cantina Band - 7'' Edit.wav
 DR8	  -1.16 dB	 -10.19 dB	 04 Star Wars Theme,Cantina Band - 12'' Disco Mix.wav

 Number of files:    4
 Official DR value:  DR8 

Algorithm TT DR Offline Meter (or compatible)
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