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Artist Donald Fagen
Album Morph The Cat [vinyl]
Year 2006
Album DR 15
Min. track DR 14
Max. track DR 15
Track DR
14 14 14 15 14 14 15 15 15
Codec Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC)
Source Unknown
Label Reprise
Label code
Catalog number
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Country US
Comment Vinyl mastered by Steve Hoffman and Kevin Gray. Rip by PBTHAL Turntable Equipment Profile VPI Scoutmaster with inverted bearing and 300 RPM motor Trans-Fi ResoMat Gingko Cloud 11 Vibration Control Platform VPI Synchronous Drive System turntable motor speed controller and line isolator Trans-Fi Audio Terminator T3Pro tangential tracking air bearing tonearm with Tomahawk Armwand Soundsmith Sussorro Paua Phono Stage Profile Musical Surroundings Phonomena Phono Preamplifier Musical Surroundings Battery Power Supply Analog/Digital Convertion RME ADI-2 =< ADAT =< E-MU 1212M Adobe Audition 3.01 running on Windows XP in a Shuttle PC form factor Post Processing Of Audio Run thru ClickRepair(if necessary) at level 7 with Pitch Protection | off Reverse | on Simple Resample to 96khz in Izotope Rx2 using the default preset Manually listen to album in Adobe Audition cleaning any clicks/anomalies Flac with Xrecode II for hi-rez files Flac with Trader’s Little Helper for redbook files
Log file
foobar2000 1.1.10 / Dynamic Range Meter 1.1.1
log date: 2012-05-23 16:53:14

Analyzed: Donald Fagen / Morph The Cat

DR         Peak         RMS     Duration Track
DR14      -1.62 dB   -18.23 dB      6:49 01-Morph The Cat
DR14      -1.80 dB   -18.28 dB      5:11 02-H Gang
DR14      -1.31 dB   -17.45 dB      6:00 03-What I Do
DR15      -0.70 dB   -17.82 dB      7:15 04-Brite Nitegown
DR14      -0.30 dB   -17.41 dB      7:37 05-The Great Pagoda Of Funn
DR14      -0.40 dB   -15.96 dB      6:09 06-Security Joan
DR15      -0.72 dB   -18.51 dB      4:16 07-The Night Belongs To Mona
DR15      -1.17 dB   -17.92 dB      6:27 08-Mary Shut The Garden Door
DR15      -1.74 dB   -18.82 dB      2:51 09-Morph The Cat (Reprise)

Number of tracks:  9
Official DR value: DR15

Samplerate:        96000 Hz
Channels:          2
Bits per sample:   24
Bitrate:           2663 kbps
Codec:             FLAC
Algorithm TT DR Offline Meter (or compatible)
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