Album details

Artist Theocracy
Album Mirror of Souls
Year 2008
Album DR 05
Min. track DR 05
Max. track DR 05
Track DR
05 05 05 05 05 05 05 05
Codec Other lossy codec
Source Unknown
Label Ulterium Records
Label code ULTCD
Catalog number 010
Bar code 7-86984-09689-4
Country Sweden
Comment Wow, not good. There's so much compression and brickwalling it's hard to tell Theocracy has a real drummer now; most guitar solos cause distortion and the notes lose definition fast; the bass loses volume routinely, and the crushing mix has lost loads of punch; extremely fatiguing front to back. Fortunately, the band is now aware of the problem and how it makes such an amazing album difficult to listen to; maybe we can fix this on the s/t reissue and any further Theocracy albums.
Algorithm TT DR Offline Meter (or compatible)
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