Album details

Artist Meat Loaf
Album Welcome To The Neighborhood
Year 1995
Album DR 10
Min. track DR 08
Max. track DR 13
Track DR
Codec Other lossless codec
Source Unknown
Label MCA Records, Inc.
Label code
Catalog number
Bar code 008811134129
Country U.S.A.
Comment DR Peak RMS Filename ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DR10 over -11.75 dB 01 Where The Rubber Meets The Road DR9 over -12.00 dB 02 I'd Lie For You (And That's The Truth) DR9 over -11.64 dB 03 Original Sin DR13 -1.49 dB -16.23 dB 04 45 Seconds Of Ecstasy DR9 over -9.91 dB 05 Runnin' For The Red Light (I Gotta Life) DR11 -2.44 dB -16.76 dB 06 Fiesta De Las Almas Perdidas DR9 over -12.58 dB 07 Left In The Dark DR10 over -12.05 dB 08 Not A Dry Eye In The House DR9 over -10.32 dB 09 Amnesty Is Granted DR8 over -9.57 dB 10 If This Is The Last Kiss (Let's Make It Last All Night) DR10 -0.00 dB -14.62 dB 11 Martha DR9 over -11.82 dB 12 Where Angels Sing ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Number of files: 12 Official DR value: DR10
Algorithm TT DR Offline Meter (or compatible)
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