Album details

AlbumDead Reckoning
Album DR07
Min. track DR07
Max. track DR08
Track DR 07 08 07 07 07 07 08 07 07 (might not be in original order)
CodecOther lossy codec
LabelNuclear Blast GmbH
Label codeNuclear Blast
Catalog number27361 17382
Bar code7 27361-17382 1
CommentChannels between 7.7 and 7.0, thus edging this towards DR8. Compression is noticeable, with the drums losing noticeable power (bad for such a hard-hitting drummer), but still leaves some punch between peaks and there's little problem with 0 dB. Turn this one up and it sounds better.
AlgorithmTT DR Offline Meter (or compatible)

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