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Artist Depeche Mode
Album Memento Mori
Year 2023
Album DR 04
Min. track DR 03
Max. track DR 05
Track DR
03 04 04 05 04 04 04 04 04 05 04 03
Codec Apple Lossless (ALAC/MP4/M4A)
Source Download
Label Venusnote Ltd. / Columbia Records / Sony Music Entertainment
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Country EU
Comment 24-bit/96kHz - Stereo. Mastered by Matt Colton. My Cosmos Is Mine and Ghosts Again are identical masters to the pre-release singles, no difference here. Sonically as a whole the album is quite loud and the compression is pretty audible although it does give the tracks quite some punch as well, sounding more "dynamic" than Spirit. The compression does cause some clipping on all tracks however, although these are few samples with a True Peak of 0.3 dB maximum measured through MusicScope. Regardless the hi-resolution download adds some crispness to the synths and atmospheres to the album and as a whole the sound is quite powerful and rich especially on headphones. The more Rock like tracks and tracks which are more dense in instrumentation do show the weakness of the compressed mastering as the clipping sounds unfortunately apparent on those. It's much better than Playing The Angel in terms of mastering though and has a much more listenable mastering even when played loud.
Log file
 Analyzed folder: /Users/orlandolaman/Downloads/Depeche_Mode-Memento_Mori
 DR		Peak		RMS		Filename

 DR3		-0.10 dB 	-5.17 dB 	01-01-James_Ford-My_Cosmos_Is_Mine-SMR.m4a
 DR4		-0.10 dB 	-6.35 dB 	01-02-James_Ford-Wagging_Tongue-SMR.m4a
 DR4		-0.10 dB 	-5.78 dB 	01-03-James_Ford-Ghosts_Again-SMR.m4a
 DR5		-0.10 dB 	-6.74 dB 	01-04-James_Ford-Don_t_Say_You_Love_Me-SMR.m4a
 DR4		-0.10 dB 	-5.72 dB 	01-05-James_Ford-My_Favourite_Stranger-SMR.m4a
 DR4		-0.10 dB 	-5.95 dB 	01-06-James_Ford-Soul_With_Me-SMR.m4a
 DR4		-0.10 dB 	-6.30 dB 	01-07-James_Ford-Caroline_s_Monkey-SMR.m4a
 DR4		-0.10 dB 	-6.74 dB 	01-08-James_Ford-Before_We_Drown-SMR.m4a
 DR4		-0.10 dB 	-5.56 dB 	01-09-James_Ford-People_Are_Good-SMR.m4a
 DR5		-0.10 dB 	-6.83 dB 	01-10-James_Ford-Always_You-SMR.m4a
 DR4		-0.10 dB 	-6.06 dB 	01-11-James_Ford-Never_Let_Me_Go-SMR.m4a
 DR3		-0.10 dB 	-5.44 dB 	01-12-James_Ford-Speak_To_Me-SMR.m4a

 Number of files:	12
 Official DR value:	DR4

Algorithm TT DR Offline Meter (or compatible)
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