Album details

Artist Billy Joel
Album The Stranger
Year 1977
Album DR 15
Min. track DR 12
Max. track DR 17
Track DR
14 16 17 15 15 16 12 15 15 12
Codec Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC)
Source Vinyl
Label Columbia
Label code
Catalog number JC 34987
Bar code
Country US
Comment (PBTHAL Vinyl Rip 2021) MASTERDISK Stamped run-out...NOT Sterling. Mastered by RL (Bob Ludwig), not TJ (Ted Jensen). ANSWER TO THE DEFINITIVE RETURNS LINEAGE VPI Scoutmaster with dual belt driven single flywheel motor on Herbie's Tenderfeet Trans-Fi Terminator T3 Pro With Tomahawk Armwand (4N Silver Shielded Wire) Audio-Technica AT150ANV Frankencart Phoenix Engineering Eagle Phoenix Engineering RoadRunner Gingko Cloud 12A Vibration Control Platform Eden Sound Terrastone Footers Black Ice Audio F159 Tube Phono Preamp with 1964 Holland made large halo getter Amperex 7308 Tubes Sugarcube SC-2 Tripp Lite Smart Online SU1500RTXLCD2U Double-Conversion UPS
Algorithm TT DR Offline Meter (or compatible)
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