Album details

ArtistYellow Magic Orchestra
AlbumYellow Magic Orchestra (US Mix) (Giga Capsule DVD-ROM)
Album DR16
Min. track DR14
Max. track DR17
Track DR 17 16 14 15 14 16 17 17 15 (might not be in original order)
CodecUncompressed PCM (WAV)
Label code
Catalog numberBBBE-1026
Bar code
CommentRip from the DVD-ROM Giga Capsule that includes all YMO albums in AIFF format, converted to WAV in iTunes prior to measuring DR. Experiment to check which mastering is used for the DVD-ROM thought I would share.
 Analyzed Folder: /Users/Technodelic/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Music/Yellow Magic Orchestra/Yellow Magic Orchestra (US Mix)(Giga Capsule)/Yellow Magic Orchestra (US Mix)(Giga Capsule)_dr.txt
DR         Peak       RMS        Filename                      

DR17       -0.69 dB   -22.35 dB  01 Computer Game (Theme From The Circus) (US Mix).wav
DR16       over       -17.89 dB  02 Firecracker (US Mix).wav   
DR14       -2.83 dB   -19.70 dB  03 Simoon (US Mix).wav        
DR15       over       -17.51 dB  04 Cosmic Surfin' (US Mix).wav
DR14       -3.12 dB   -23.27 dB  05 Computer Game (Theme From The Invaders) (US Mix).wav
DR16       -1.06 dB   -19.32 dB  06 Yellow Magic (Tong Poo) (US Mix).wav
DR17       over       -18.49 dB  07 La Femme Chinoise (US Mix).wav
DR17       -0.77 dB   -20.77 dB  08 Bridge Over Troubled Music (US Mix).wav
DR15       over       -16.54 dB  09 Mad Pierrot (US Mix).wav   

 Number of Files: 9
 Official DR Value: DR16

AlgorithmMAAT DROffline

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