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AlbumDROffline MkII Installer (Single)
Album DR00
Min. track DR00
Max. track DR00
Track DR 00 (might not be in original order)
CodecOther lossless codec
Label code
Catalog number
Bar code0F CF B9 C4 3A 53 77 4B 2D DC B8 30 38 B6 6C 35
CommentThey really messed up on that one. This is one of their big releases, and it isn't even the slightest bit dynamic?! Note: This is only an estimate, but this is seriously just straight white noise. Not even music, just static.
Folder Path:   /path/to/downloads/MAAT_DROffline_MkII_Installer-2.0.4-NL-macOS

                    File Name | Format |    SR | Word Length | Max. TPL |       LUFSi | DR (PMF) | 

MAAT DROffline MkII Installer |   .pkg | 44.1k |          16 |     0.00 |        0.00 |        0 | 

Number of EP/Album Files: 1
Official EP/Album DR: 0
AlgorithmMAAT DROffline

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