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Artist Lady Gaga
Album Born This Way THE REMIX
Year 2011
Album DR 05
Min. track DR 02
Max. track DR 08
Track DR
04 05 06 06 02 07 07 05 06 05 04 04 08 06
Codec Uncompressed PCM (WAV)
Source CD
Label Streamline Records
Label code
Catalog number
Bar code
Country Colombia
Comment This is the Latinamerican version of the CD. Is too compressed as I predicted, but the signal is not normalized. Some tracks get to 0db, but some like the 1st track only get to -5db. The gain in these tracks are pretty much arbitrary and they litterally compressed the songs for the sake of it. Doesn't even sound loud. I hope I explained myself correctly. At least there is not that much distortion.
Log file
 Analyzed folder: C:\Users\A&C\Desktop\Born This Way THE REMIX\
 DR   	   Peak     	   RMS      	 Filename

 DR4	  -5.67 dB	 -11.71 dB	 Americano (Gregori Klosman Remix).wav
 DR5	  -3.01 dB	 -10.61 dB	 Black Jesus + Amen Fashion (Michael Woods Remix).wav
 DR6	  -0.01 dB	  -7.21 dB	 Bloody Mary (The Horrors Remix).wav
 DR6	  -2.88 dB	 -10.15 dB	 Born This Way (Twin Shadow Remix).wav
 DR2	  -5.13 dB	 -10.20 dB	 Born This Way (Zedd Remix).wav
 DR7	  -2.35 dB	 -11.00 dB	 Electric Chapel (Two Door Cinema Club Remix).wav
 DR7	  -0.10 dB	  -9.80 dB	 Judas (Goldfrapp Remix).wav
 DR5	  -3.54 dB	 -10.92 dB	 Judas (Hurts Remix).wav
 DR6	  -2.81 dB	 -10.68 dB	 Marry The Night (The Weeknd & Illangelo Remix).wav
 DR5	  -4.14 dB	 -10.30 dB	 Scheisse (Guena Lg's Club Mix).wav
 DR4	  -4.52 dB	  -9.65 dB	 The Edge Of Glory (Foster The People Remix).wav
 DR4	  -4.26 dB	 -10.26 dB	 The Edge Of Glory (Sultan & Ned Shepard Remix).wav
 DR8	  -0.70 dB	 -10.29 dB	 Youe And I (Metronomy Remix).wav
 DR6	  -1.03 dB	  -8.24 dB	 Youe And I (Wild Beasts Remix).wav

 Number of files:    14
 Official DR value:  DR5 

Algorithm MAAT DROffline
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