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Artist Various Artists
Year 2016
Album DR 15
Min. track DR 13
Max. track DR 17
Track DR
17 14 17 15 17 13 13 15 15 14
Codec Other lossless codec
Source Download
Label Just Listen
Label code JL003
Catalog number 1362
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Country Netherlands
Comment PIXINGUINHA, ALCIDES CAMINHA, GUILHERME DE BRITO, NELSON CAVAQUINHO, EGBERTO GISMONTI, BRENO VIRICIMO, LILIAN VIEIRA, MARIJN VAN DER LINDEN, UDO DEMANDT, WIBOUD BURKES, CESAR CAMARGO MARIANO, LAURA POLENCE, DANIEL DE MORAES, LATVIAN FOLCLORE, UNKOWN Cables: Van den Hul - 3T Digital Converters: HAPI by Merging Mastering Engineer: Jared Sacks Mastering Equipment: Grimm LS1 Microphones: DPA (Bruel & Kjaer), MPM-91, Neumann, Schoeps Mixing Board: Rens Heijnis custom made Note: All tracks were analog mixed at the session and recorded to 256fs DSD without any post-production. Producer: Jared Sacks, Jonas Sacks, Breno Virícimo Recording Engineer: Jared Sacks Recording location: MCO studio 1 Hilversum Holland Recording Software: Pyramix by Merging Recording Type & Bit Rate: DSD256 How this came about I met Breno in 2014 in a bar around the corner of my house in Amsterdam (the Netherlands). He plays double bass in jazz trios there on Saturday nights. We became friends and started talking about recording stuff. Soon after he brought in 5 guys and recorded with us on ‘8 ensembles’. Quickly after we had some thoughts on a complete album, with music from composers that he grew up listening to, and some of his own compositions. In november 2015 two days were picked and we rolled back into the stage at MCO in Hilversum with a Merging HAPI and analog mixing boards, carbon fibre cables and top notch mics. Today we are proud to present you ‘Raízes’. Roots in Portuguese. Not only does this title reflect the content of the works but it is also a symbol of the sound of Breno’s earthy and flowing double bass. Together with singers like Laura Polence and Lillian Vieira this makes a great listen for a laid back summer evening with the vibes and colors of the Brazilian landscapes in mind. Enjoy!
Algorithm TT DR Offline Meter (or compatible)
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