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Artist Metallica
Album Death Magnetic - Guitar Hero III (before Rick Rubin wrecked it for good)
Year 2008
Album DR 12
Min. track DR 11
Max. track DR 13
Track DR
13 13 13 12 13 11 12 12 12 11 12
Codec Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC)
Source Download
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Comment Xbox 360 optical out > Firewire 410 > Audacity (.wav) > dbPowerAmp (.flac w/ verify) Notes: This rip was created because of the backlash over the sound quality of the official release of Death Magnetic. A few astute folks found that the versions available for download on Guitar Hero III did not suffer from the compression and clipping that plauge the official release, so a project was launched to rip the GH III versions to a lossless format. This is the result of that project. As for the sound: this rip is noticeably quieter than the official release; the levels were not boosted because there were already peaks in the waveforms that were close to 0dB. The only way to adjust the volume would be to compress the tracks, which would have been difficult to justify given the purpose of this project. You can easily compensate for this by turning the volume knob on your audio equipment :)
Log file
foobar2000 1.3.10 / Dynamic Range Meter 1.1.1
log date: 2016-06-21 13:32:28

Analyzed: Metallica / Death Magnetic

DR         Peak         RMS     Duration Track
DR13      -2.43 dB   -17.53 dB      7:08 01-That Was Just Your Life
DR13      -2.29 dB   -16.62 dB      7:53 02-The End of the Line
DR13      -1.23 dB   -15.63 dB      6:25 03-Broken, Beat & Scarred
DR12      -1.65 dB   -16.23 dB      7:56 04-The Day That Never Comes
DR13      -0.73 dB   -15.98 dB      7:57 05-All Nightmare Long
DR11      -0.41 dB   -13.60 dB      6:37 06-Cyanide
DR12      -2.94 dB   -18.49 dB      7:49 07-Unforgiven III
DR12      -1.08 dB   -14.68 dB      8:00 08-The Judas Kiss
DR12      -1.11 dB   -15.22 dB      9:56 09-Suicide & Redemption K.H
DR11      -1.61 dB   -14.51 dB      5:00 10-My Apocalypse
DR12      -1.35 dB   -15.37 dB      9:56 11-Suicide & Redemption J.H

Number of tracks:  11
Official DR value: DR12

Samplerate:        44100 Hz
Channels:          2
Bits per sample:   16
Bitrate:           835 kbps
Codec:             FLAC
Algorithm TT DR Offline Meter (or compatible)
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