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Artist Phish
Album LivePhish: 11/07/1996 - Rupp Arena
Year 2016
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Label JEMP Records / Elektra Entertainment
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Comment 11/7/96 was recorded by Paul Languedoc to digital multitrack and mixed and mastered by Jon Altschiller. The show is available 3/7/16 via: the LivePhish+ App and as MP3, FLAC, and full-resolution FLAC-HD downloads at Chalk Dust Torture (Anastasio/Marshall) Weigh (Gordon) Rift (Anastasio/Marshall) Guelah Papyrus (Anastasio/Marshall) Stash (Anastasio/Marshall) Waste (Anastasio/Marshall) Guyute (Anastasio/Marshall) Free (Anastasio/Marshall) Tela (Anastasio) Character Zero (Anastasio/Marshall) Suzy Greenberg (Pollak) Bathtub Gin (Anastasio/Goodman) Hold Your Head Up (Argent/White*) Bike (Barrett#) Hold Your Head Up (Argent/White^) You Enjoy Myself (Anastasio) Frankenstein (Winter**) All songs copyright Who Is She? Music Inc (BMI) except for: *Marquis Songs USA (BMI), #TRO-Cromwell Music Inc, ^Marquis Songs USA (BMI), **EMI Longitude Music Co (BMI
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