Album details

Artist Barbra Streisand
Album Guilty
Year 1984
Album DR 13
Min. track DR 11
Max. track DR 15
Track DR
14 11 12 15 12 12 11 12 14
Codec Uncompressed PCM (WAV)
Source CD
Label CBS
Label code
Catalog number CDCBS 86122
Bar code No barcode
Country Europe
Comment First Japan for Europe CD pressing of this album. European catalog number on artwork and disc, no barcode. "Made in Japan" in outer ring of disc. Matrix number includes "35DP-7 ...". So this disc contains the mastering from the release in the famous Japanese 35DP series (the first CD's to have ever been pressed commercially). This mastering sounds gorgeous. Note: this disc contains pre-emphasis. Measurements are on audio files which are de-emphasised with Sox 14.4.2.
Log file
 Analyzed folder: /Barbra Streisand/Guilty (de-emphasised)
 DR		Peak		RMS		Filename

 DR14		-6.99 dB 	-24.19 dB 	01-01-Guilty.wav-de.wav
 DR11		-8.04 dB 	-23.11 dB 	01-02-Woman In Love.wav-de.wav
 DR12		-8.26 dB 	-24.10 dB 	01-03-Run Wild.wav-de.wav
 DR15		-4.73 dB 	-22.07 dB 	01-04-Promises.wav-de.wav
 DR12		-9.68 dB 	-26.42 dB 	01-05-The Love Inside.wav-de.wav
 DR12		-7.52 dB 	-23.37 dB 	01-06-What Kind Of Fool.wav-de.wav
 DR11		-7.84 dB 	-23.07 dB 	01-07-Life Story.wav-de.wav
 DR12		-7.39 dB 	-22.44 dB 	01-08-Never Give Up.wav-de.wav
 DR14		-5.17 dB 	-23.17 dB 	01-09-Make It Like A Memory.wav-de.wav

 Number of files:	9
 Official DR value:	DR13

Algorithm TT DR Offline Meter (or compatible)
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