Album details

Artist Queensrÿche
Album Operation : Mindcrime
Year 1988
Album DR 13
Min. track DR 10
Max. track DR 15
Track DR
Codec Uncompressed PCM (WAV)
Source Vinyl
Label EMI-Manhattan Records/ Capitol Records, Inc.
Label code 064
Catalog number 7 48640-1
Bar code 07777-48640-1
Country Germany, The Netherlands
Comment Original 1st EEC issue. DMM cutting pressing. Pressed @ EMI Electronla GmbH, Teldec Company Germany. Coversleeve manufactured in the Netherlands @ EMI Uden B.V. Quality of pressing: Immaculate. Typically for a 1 vinyl 60mins. recording... State of vinyl, pristine.
Algorithm TT DR Offline Meter (or compatible)
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