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This isn't funny. I have disabled log upload functionality and comment display for now, as I received a DMCA notice because of alleged copyright infringement for some entries.

At first I thought: What? Are they stupid? There are no music downloads here, just logs. But then I noticed that some people actually posted URLs to illegal downloads in the comments. This is a free project powered by the community but I can and will not tolerate such behavior. The people who are doing this not only jeopardize the project but also pose a threat to me personally as I'm held responsible for the content in the end.

So, for now (and that can be some time) the site is read-only and comments are hidden for existing entries. I made it read-only because I don't want people to circumvent hidden comments by altering their logs or posting URLs to illegal content in other fields. I don't know what will happen now. I don't know how to provide an open community-driven project on the one hand and protection from such things on the other hand.

I was thinking about user accounts with double opt-in email verification plus a CAPTCHA to protect against spam and bot attacks, to make editing and deleting entries possible again. New entries would have to be verified to be clean of bad stuff before they are publicly visible. It's easy to post human-readable URLs that are difficult to detect automatically so it must be human verification. But who would do this verification job? I can't as this is only a private side project for me. And who could I trust with this? I was thinking maybe users from other sites like the Steve Hoffmann forums with a certain amount of posts and/or time registered? I'm open for suggestions but don' get your hopes too high. Maybe I will simply keep the site this way because providing the technical measures is a lot of work. I don't want the effort people put in this site to go to waste, so it will definitely stay online as an archive.

Album list

(8 albums total)

DR scale
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Artist Album Year avg
Codec Source
Freedom Call M.E.T.A.L. 2019 04 03 06 lossy CD
Freedom Call Eternity (5 Original Albums in 1 Box) 2014 07 06 08 lossy CD
Freedom Call Dimensions (5 Original Albums in 1 Box) 2014 07 06 12 lossy CD
Freedom Call Master of Light 2016 11 10 12 lossless Vinyl
Freedom Call The Circle of Life (5 Original Albums in 1 Box) 2014 06 05 07 lossy CD
Freedom Call Staairway to Fairyland (5 Original Albums in 1 Box) 2014 06 05 07 lossy CD
Freedom Call Crystal Empire (5 Original Albums in 1 Box) 2014 08 08 09 lossy CD
Freedom Call Master Of Light 2016 04 03 06 lossless CD

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