Album details

ArtistMarilyn Manson
AlbumThe High End Of Low [deluxe edition - CD2]
Album DR05
Min. track DR04
Max. track DR06
Track DR 04 06 06 05 05 06 (might not be in original order)
CodecUncompressed PCM (WAV)
Label code
Catalog numberB0013017-72
Bar code602527063881
Comment---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Analyzed folder: C:\Desktop\high End (CD2)\ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DR Peak RMS Filename ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DR4 -0.01 dB -5.10 dB Arma-goddamn-motherfuckin-geddon [Teddy Bears Remix].wav DR6 -0.10 dB -7.32 dB Leave A Scar [Alternate Version].wav DR6 -0.10 dB -7.86 dB Running To The Edge Of The World [Alternate Version].wav DR5 -0.10 dB -6.65 dB Wight Spider [Alternate Version].wav DR5 -0.10 dB -6.88 dB Four Rusted Horses [Opening Titles Version].wav DR6 -0.10 dB -7.85 dB I Have To Look Up Just To See Hell [Alternate Version].wav ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Number of files: 6 Official DR value: DR5
AlgorithmTT DR Offline Meter (or compatible)

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