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AlbumMutations [Vinyl]
Album DR09
Min. track DR08
Max. track DR11
Track DR 11 08 08 10 09 09 08 09 09 11 09 10 09 (might not be in original order)
CodecFree Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC)
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CommentBeck - Mutations [1998] [Album] 1998 - Bong Load / BL39 / 180 gram Limited Edition with 7" single / Vinyl Cleaned with Knosti machine, LAT International fluid & ionised water Linn LP12, Lingo, Ekos and Dynavector XX2 moving coil cartridge, LAT International cable, Naim 62 pre-amp into Pioneer PDR-609 CDR, using TDK Audio Pro CD-R. Declicked in reverse using iZotope RX2 Advanced. Tracklisting 01 - Cold Brains 02 - Nobody's Fault But My Own 03 - Lazy Flies 04 - Canceled Check 05 - We Live Again 06 - Tropicalia 07 - Dead Melodies 08 - Bottle Of Blues 09 - O Maria 10 - Sing It Again 11 - Static International Bonus Tracks 12 - Diamond Bollocks 13 - Runners Dial Zero German Edition Bonus Tracks 14 - Halo Of Gold 15 - Black Balloon Canadian Advance Promo - Audiophile Mastering Tracklist: 01 Cold Brains 02 Nobody's Fault But My own 03 Lazy Flies 04 Canceled Check (Extended) 05 We Live Again 06 Tropicala 07 Dead Melodies 08 Bottle Of Blues (Extended) 09 O Maria (Alternate Mix) 10 Sing It Again 11 Static About According to party line, neither Beck nor Geffen ever intended Mutations to be considered as the official follow-up to Odelay, his Grammy-winning breakthrough. It was more like One Foot in the Grave, designed to be an off-kilter, subdued collection of acoustic-based songs pitched halfway between psychedelic country blues and lo-fi folk. The presence of producer Nigel Godrich, the man who helmed Radiohead's acclaimed OK Computer, makes such claims dubious. Godrich is not a slick producer, but he's no Calvin Johnson, either, and Mutations has an appropriately clean, trippy feel. There's little question that with the blues, country, psych, bossa nova, and folk that comprise it, Mutations was never meant to be a commercial endeavor -- there's no floor-shaker like "Where It's At," and it doesn't trade in the junk culture that brought Odelay to life. Recording with his touring band -- marking the first time he has entered the studio with a live band -- does result in a different sound, but it's not so much a departure as it is a side road that is going in the same direction. None of the songs explore new territory, but they're rich, lyrically and musically. There's an off-the-cuff wit to the songwriting, especially on "Canceled Check" and "Bottle of Blues," and the performances are natural, relaxed, and laid-back, without ever sounding complacent. In fact, one of the nifty tricks of Mutations is how it sounds simple upon the first listen, then reveals more psychedelic layers upon each play. Beck is not only a startling songwriter -- his best songs are simultaneously modern and timeless -- he is a sharp record-maker, crafting albums that sound distinct and original, no matter how much they may borrow. In its own quiet, organic way, Mutations confirms this as much as either Mellow Gold or Odelay.
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Analyzed: Beck / Mutations

DR         Peak         RMS     Duration Track
DR11      -3.04 dB   -18.69 dB      3:39 01-Cold Brains
DR8       -7.10 dB   -18.34 dB      5:03 02-Nobody's Fault But Mine
DR8       -6.66 dB   -16.65 dB      3:44 03- Lazy Flies
DR10      -6.40 dB   -18.53 dB      3:14 04-Canceled Check
DR9       -6.35 dB   -18.53 dB      3:01 05-We Live Again
DR9       -6.85 dB   -18.34 dB      3:21 06-Tropicalia
DR8       -6.14 dB   -17.15 dB      2:36 07-Dead Melodies
DR9       -0.52 dB   -16.09 dB      4:53 08-Bottle Of Blues
DR9       -6.16 dB   -17.79 dB      4:02 09-O Maria
DR11      -5.04 dB   -18.50 dB      4:16 10-Sing It Again
DR9       -6.02 dB   -16.47 dB      4:22 11-Static
DR10      -5.58 dB   -17.59 dB      4:00 12-Runners Dial Zero (7" single)
DR9       -4.58 dB   -16.21 dB      6:00 13-Diamond Bollocks (7" single)

Number of tracks:  13
Official DR value: DR9

Samplerate:        44100 Hz
Channels:          2
Bits per sample:   16
Bitrate:           746 kbps
Codec:             FLAC
AlgorithmTT DR Offline Meter (or compatible)

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