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AlbumMorning Phase [HDTracks, 24/96]
Album DR06
Min. track DR03
Max. track DR10
Track DR 08 07 06 06 05 05 05 05 06 10 05 05 03 (might not be in original order)
CodecApple Lossless (ALAC/MP4/M4A)
LabelCapitol Records
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CommentTook a gamble and lost. I mostly get HD Tracks material in hopes of better mastering moreso than "high definition". I wish they would clearly state the source of their material but I guess it's not always in their best interest, like in this case. Alas this HD album is clearly based off the mass consumer master, not the more"audiophile" vinyl one, so one might as well get the (lossless) CD version for less... Also, from their notes: Tracks 4, 5, 7, 10, 11 contain elements of 48k tracking, mastered in 96/24. So: caveat emptor!
 Analyzed folder: /Users/xxx/Music/HDtracks/Beck/Morning Phase
 DR		Peak		RMS		Filename

 DR8		-1.68 dB 	-12.78 dB 	01-Cycle.m4a
 DR7		-0.07 dB 	-9.20 dB 	02-Morning.m4a
 DR6		-0.00 dB 	-7.09 dB 	03-Heart Is A Drum.m4a
 DR6		over		-7.47 dB 	04-Say Goodbye.m4a
 DR5		-0.00 dB 	-6.95 dB 	05-Blue Moon.m4a
 DR5		-0.00 dB 	-6.25 dB 	06-Unforgiven.m4a
 DR5		-0.00 dB 	-7.72 dB 	07-Wave.m4a
 DR5		-0.00 dB 	-7.60 dB 	08-Don't Let It Go.m4a
 DR6		over		-7.26 dB 	09-Blackbird Chain.m4a
 DR10		-0.12 dB 	-13.28 dB 	10-Phase.m4a
 DR5		-0.00 dB 	-6.49 dB 	11-Turn Away.m4a
 DR5		over		-6.53 dB 	12-Country Down.m4a
 DR3		-0.00 dB 	-5.35 dB 	13-Waking Light.m4a

 Number of files:	13
 Official DR value:	DR6

AlgorithmTT DR Offline Meter (or compatible)

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