Album details

ArtistBlue Öyster Cult
AlbumBlue Öyster Cult
Album DR10
Min. track DR08
Max. track DR12
Track DR (might not be in original order)
CodecOther lossless codec
Label codeLC 00162
Catalog number502234 2
Bar code5099750223420
CommentRemastered, Expanded Edition *The above appears to be a release outside of the USA, my copy is made in the US (Columbia, 2001) and has the same DR values. However, I'll add details, Mastered by Vic Anesini Analyzed folder: G:\BOCFirstremaster\ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DR Peak RMS Filename ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DR9 -0.00 dB -10.51 dB Track01.wav DR9 -0.01 dB -10.66 dB Track02.wav DR12 -0.01 dB -14.41 dB Track03.wav DR10 -0.01 dB -11.93 dB Track04.wav DR9 -0.01 dB -11.52 dB Track05.wav DR10 -0.01 dB -11.35 dB Track06.wav DR12 -0.01 dB -13.21 dB Track07.wav DR11 over -12.13 dB Track08.wav DR9 -0.01 dB -12.05 dB Track09.wav DR11 -0.01 dB -13.86 dB Track10.wav DR9 -0.42 dB -11.24 dB Track11.wav DR10 -0.19 dB -12.77 dB Track12.wav DR8 -0.01 dB -11.16 dB Track13.wav DR9 -1.43 dB -11.75 dB Track14.wav ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Number of files: 14 Official DR value: DR10
AlgorithmTT DR Offline Meter (or compatible)

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