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ArtistLighthouse Family
AlbumBlue Sky in Your Head (Disc 2: Greatest Hits)
Album DR06
Min. track DR05
Max. track DR07
Track DR 06 05 06 05 05 05 05 05 07 05 (might not be in original order)
CodecApple Lossless (ALAC/MP4/M4A)
Label codeLC00309
Catalog number00602577326103
Bar code6 02577 32610 3
CountryUnited Kingdom
CommentOddly, neither the disc nor the tracklisting on the back cover make any mention that the second disc is a greatest hits compilation. If you didn't know otherwise, it would just look like the second disc of the new album. However, there has at least been some care put into compiling it, as it uses the correct single versions of the songs, rather than just lazily using the album versions. Again, there is no mention of this on the back cover tracklisting or in the insert.
 Analyzed folder: Lighthouse Family - Blue Sky in Your Head (Disc 2: Greatest Hits)
 DR		Peak		RMS		Filename

 DR6		-0.12 dB 	-6.84 dB 	01 Ocean Drive.m4a
 DR5		-0.12 dB 	-7.24 dB 	02 Lifted.m4a
 DR6		-0.12 dB 	-7.68 dB 	03 High.m4a
 DR5		-0.12 dB 	-6.56 dB 	04 Raincloud.m4a
 DR5		-0.12 dB 	-7.72 dB 	05 Lost in Space.m4a
 DR5		-0.12 dB 	-6.80 dB 	06 Loving Every Minute.m4a
 DR5		-0.12 dB 	-8.45 dB 	07 (I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be) Free_One.m4a
 DR5		-0.12 dB 	-6.66 dB 	08 Question of Faith.m4a
 DR7		-0.12 dB 	-8.23 dB 	09 Goodbye Heartbreak.m4a
 DR5		-0.12 dB 	-6.75 dB 	10 Postcard from Heaven.m4a

 Number of files:	10
 Official DR value:	DR6

AlgorithmTT DR Offline Meter (or compatible)

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