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Album DR04
Min. track DR03
Max. track DR04
Track DR 04 03 03 03 04 04 03 04 04 04 (might not be in original order)
CodecUncompressed PCM (WAV)
Label codeLC 00148
Catalog number00602557176797
Bar code00602557176797
Commentbeyond sad - you are dead to me Beck! *ADDENDUM* 2019-02-10 This DOGS BREAKFAST just got the '19 Grammy for 'Best Engineered Album - Non-Classical'?? I could use the tracks 'I'm So Free' or 'No Distraction' to drill through CONCRETE. Get a hold of 'Innervisions', 'Aja', 'Thriller', or 'Roll With It' if you want to know what a great album sounds like! Note from another user: Hopefully, this article right here should steer you guys in the right direction; that it's NOT about numbers, it's about how things actually SOUND:
 Analyzed folder: Colors
 DR   	   Peak     	   RMS      	 Filename

 DR4	   over    	  -5.42 dB	 01 Colors.wav
 DR3	  -0.02 dB	  -5.13 dB	 02 Seventh Heaven.wav
 DR3	  -0.10 dB	  -4.62 dB	 03 I'm So Free.wav
 DR3	  -0.10 dB	  -5.11 dB	 04 Dear Life.wav
 DR4	   over    	  -4.95 dB	 05 No Distraction.wav
 DR4	  -0.05 dB	  -5.42 dB	 06 Dreams (Colors Mix).wav
 DR3	   over    	  -4.63 dB	 07 Wow.wav
 DR4	   over    	  -5.41 dB	 08 Up All Night.wav
 DR4	   over    	  -5.02 dB	 09 Square One.wav
 DR4	  -0.19 dB	  -5.83 dB	 10 Fix Me.wav

 Number of files:    10
 Official DR value:  DR4 

AlgorithmTT DR Offline Meter (or compatible)

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