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ArtistIron maiden
AlbumIron Maiden [Remaster 2018]
Album DR07
Min. track DR06
Max. track DR08
Track DR 07 07 07 06 06 08 07 06 (might not be in original order)
CodecFree Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC)
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CommentMissed opportunity. At DR7, the dynamic range is WORSE than that of the 1998 remastered edition. But sadly no Sanctuary included. The digipak is nice with a glossy surface and sharp artwork, though. To the original poster: Have you actually listened to the CD? This a perfect example of how DR numbers don't tell the whole story. These 2015 remasters (which are now being released on CD in 2018) all sound a lot better than the '98 travesties. Some people might prefer the original masterings but there can be no doubt that they are an improvement over the '98 remasters.
 Analyzed Folder: F:\Musiikki (FLAC)\Iron Maiden\Iron Maiden [Remaster]\Iron Maiden [Remaster]_dr.txt
DR         Peak       RMS        Filename                      

DR7        -0.04 dB   -8.45 dB   01 Prowler.flac               
DR7        -0.18 dB   -10.40 dB  02 Remember Tomorrow.flac     
DR7        -0.24 dB   -8.29 dB   03 Running Free.flac          
DR6        -0.04 dB   -7.77 dB   04 Phantom of the Opera.flac  
DR6        -0.00 dB   -7.50 dB   05 Transylvania.flac          
DR8        -0.11 dB   -10.36 dB  06 Strange World.flac         
DR7        over       -8.34 dB   07 Charlotte the Harlot.flac  
DR6        over       -7.97 dB   08 Iron Maiden.flac           

 Number of Files: 8
 Official DR Value: DR7

AlgorithmMAAT DROffline

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