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ArtistMichael Jackson
AlbumBad [32-8P-200]
Album DR12
Min. track DR11
Max. track DR14
Track DR 14 12 13 12 12 13 11 12 11 12 12 (might not be in original order)
CodecUncompressed PCM (WAV)
Label code
Catalog number32-8P-200
Bar codeT4988 010 21205 6
Comment---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DR Peak RMS Filename ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DR14 -0.76 dB -16.07 dB 01. Michael Jackson - Bad - Bad.wav DR12 -1.90 dB -16.16 dB 02. Michael Jackson - Bad - The Way You Make Me Feel.wav DR13 -1.35 dB -17.09 dB 03. Michael Jackson - Bad - Speed Demon.wav DR12 -3.53 dB -18.53 dB 04. Michael Jackson - Bad - Liberian Girl.wav DR12 -3.65 dB -17.83 dB 05. Michael Jackson - Bad - Just Good Friends.wav DR13 -1.44 dB -16.55 dB 06. Michael Jackson - Bad - Another Part Of Me.wav DR11 -2.59 dB -16.42 dB 07. Michael Jackson - Bad - Man In The Mirror.wav DR12 -2.00 dB -17.54 dB 08. Michael Jackson - Bad - I Just Can't Stop Loving You.wav DR11 -2.24 dB -16.22 dB 09. Michael Jackson - Bad - Dirty Diana.wav DR12 -1.23 dB -15.93 dB 10. Michael Jackson - Bad - Smooth Criminal.wav DR12 -1.30 dB -16.33 dB 11. Michael Jackson - Bad - Leave Me Alone.wav ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the earlier Japanese release. It mainly has slightly different mixes of some songs (notably horns in Bad chorus, spoken intro in I Just Can't Stop Loving You, breathing in Smooth Criminal intro, not present in most later and western releases) and is overall 2dB quieter than western releases. It also show less signs of compression: waveforms look a bit more open (this is particularly obvious in Smooth Criminal), except for Dirty Diana. It has the same DR and RMS values as the other Japanese EPC4502902 release submitted here previously. They may be identical sound-wise. Presence of these early mixes on that release still has to be checked. --- comment, by another user: the above comment makes many assertions, some of which are not particularly well informed. For instance: all early European and US versions I have seen (many examples on here as well) have very similar (or, to be more precise: more or less the same) DR, peak and RMS values; similarly, those early European/US versions also feature the longer, original versions of I Just Can't Stop Loving You and Dirty Diana, and (at least true for the 'Made in Austria' release I recently added on here) the unaltered versions of Bad and Smooth Criminal. --- Original submitter: Thank you very much for the valuable info. That's pretty much what I wanted to know. This DR entry was submitted some time in late 2012 and circulating infos at the time were contradictory and pretty vague (notably on some well known audio forums). Add to that the fact that some later "Mastered by DADC Ausstria" EPC 450290 2 releases (I own one of them too) feature different DR/RMS and touched up mixes despite being dated 1987, which didn't help. Since then, many DR entries have been submitted to the database and confirm that all early releases (not just Japanese ones) have those DR/RMS ratings and feature original and longer mixes and are likely to have the same audio data. --- comment, by 'smartass' commenter: yes, please excuse my slightly patronizing language in my above comment, no ill will intended. And seems we are uploading versions of BAD right now at the same time :)
AlgorithmTT DR Offline Meter (or compatible)

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