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AlbumThe Uncanny Valley
Album DR09
Min. track DR08
Max. track DR12
Track DR 09 09 08 12 09 09 08 09 09 08 09 09 08 (might not be in original order)
CodecUncompressed PCM (WAV)
LabelBlood Music
Label codeBLOOD
Catalog number160
Bar code
CommentRipped using an AT-LP120 and Audacity. Click removed and amplified to peak at 0db with clipping disallowed. No compression or limiting applied for obvious reasons. I wasn't able to match the track split points to the CD version exactly, but they're pretty close. Despite the significantly better DR rating, once ReplayGain is applied I honestly don't hear an awful lot of difference between this and the CD version, other than the CD has more going on in the high frequencies. I can tell the difference in a side by side test, but only because of that; it doesn't sound more dynamic to me at all, even though the waveform looks less like a rectangle.
 Analyzed folder: C:\Users\Chris\Music\Perturbator\The Uncanny Valley\Vinyl\
 DR   	   Peak     	   RMS      	 Filename

 DR9	  -0.00 dB	 -11.76 dB	 01-Neo Tokyo.wav
 DR9	  -0.00 dB	 -11.76 dB	 02-Weapons for Children.wav
 DR8	  -0.00 dB	 -10.18 dB	 03-Death Squad.wav
 DR12	  -0.00 dB	 -13.39 dB	 04-Femme Fatale.wav
 DR9	  -0.00 dB	 -10.86 dB	 05-Venger.wav
 DR9	  -0.00 dB	 -10.74 dB	 06-Disco Inferno.wav
 DR8	   over    	  -9.33 dB	 07-She Moves Like a Knife.wav
 DR9	  -0.00 dB	  -9.98 dB	 08-Sentient.wav
 DR9	  -0.00 dB	 -10.39 dB	 09-Diabolus Ex Machina.wav
 DR8	  -0.00 dB	 -10.70 dB	 10-Assault.wav
 DR9	  -0.00 dB	 -10.71 dB	 11-The Cult of 2112.wav
 DR9	  -0.00 dB	 -11.26 dB	 12-Souls at Zero.wav
 DR8	   over    	 -11.27 dB	 13-The Uncanny Valley.wav

 Number of files:    13
 Official DR value:  DR9 


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