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AlbumStronghold (Vinyl)
Album DR10
Min. track DR10
Max. track DR12
Track DR 11 10 10 12 10 10 10 11 10 (might not be in original order)
CodecOther lossless codec
Label code
Catalog number
Bar code
Comment24/96 vinyl rip. This is good example of how completely useless measurements of vinyl rips are. Napalm Records has confirmed that the CD masters were used for these and yet the DR readings makes it look like it's more dynamic than the CD. The only way to determine if a vinyl record is mastered differently than the CD is to measure the actual digital file that was sent to the cutting engineer or to ask the label, band or mastering engineer if a dedicated vinyl mastering was used.
AlgorithmTT DR Offline Meter (or compatible)

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