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ArtistPink Floyd
AlbumDark Side of the Moon (#1 Mastering/Holy Grail - Japan for UK First Issue)
Album DR10
Min. track DR09
Max. track DR12
Track DR 11 10 09 09 11 10 12 11 09 (might not be in original order)
CodecApple Lossless (ALAC/MP4/M4A)
Label code
Catalog numberCDP 7 46001 2
Bar code
CommentPre-emphasis flags were found in the sub-channels of this CD and the tracks were de-emphasized using the Mac OS X application Then the dynamic range was measured. This CD release information: CDP 7 46001 2 Made in Japan Aluminium center engraving: CDP 7 46001 2 CP35-3017 31A3 with full details of the mastering found here: from: 1) Mastering Number 1 – Sony (Japan) Mastering Track Peak Levels: 39.9 / 43.3 / 70.1 / 55.2 / 72.3 / 44.5 / 53.9 / 54.6 / 61.2 The very first mastering of Dark Side of the Moon for compact disc. Believed to be done by Sony Records in Japan in the spring of 1983. This mastering was used to produce the very first copies of Dark Side of the Moon on CD, which were Japanese releases with the catalog number CP35-3017 and a black triangle on the label, and a matrix number that did not include a “TO.” These early Dark Side CDs were pressed by CBS / Sony Records at their CD manufacturing plant in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan for EMI Records. EMI did not have a CD pressing plant in operation at the time, so they outsourced the manufacturing of the CDs to CBS / Sony (keep in mind that these early Sony pressings still say Toshiba/EMI on the labels). It is believed that this mastering was made from a 15ips reel-to-reel tape copy of the master tape that had been sent to Japan to produce the Dark Side Of The Moon-EMI/Toshiba Records Pro-Use Series vinyl LP album, which was the last vinyl pressing of Dark Side in Japan. Known releases of mastering #1: U.K. first issue - Harvest Records, catalog number CDP 7 46001 2, black Harvest label, Made in Japan on label, matrix has CP35-3017 with no “TO”
 Analyzed folder: /Users/tony/Desktop/Dark Side of the Moon (Holy Grail)
 DR		Peak		RMS		Filename

 DR11		-8.72 dB 	-22.53 dB 	01 Pink Floyd - Speak to Me/Breathe in the Air.m4a
 DR10		-9.13 dB 	-23.37 dB 	02 Pink Floyd - On the Run.m4a
 DR9		-8.44 dB 	-20.55 dB 	03 Pink Floyd - Time.m4a
 DR9		-7.97 dB 	-21.94 dB 	04 Pink Floyd - The Great Gig in the Sky.m4a
 DR11		-5.18 dB 	-20.04 dB 	05 Pink Floyd - Money.m4a
 DR10		-8.32 dB 	-22.42 dB 	06 Pink Floyd - Us and Them.m4a
 DR12		-5.98 dB 	-19.71 dB 	07 Pink Floyd - Any Colour You Like.m4a
 DR11		-7.30 dB 	-22.81 dB 	08 Pink Floyd - Brain Damage.m4a
 DR9		-6.22 dB 	-19.08 dB 	09 Pink Floyd - Eclipse.m4a

 Number of files:	9
 Official DR value:	DR10

AlgorithmTT DR Offline Meter (or compatible)

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