Album details

Album DR09
Min. track DR08
Max. track DR11
Track DR 08 09 11 09 08 10 09 (might not be in original order)
CodecOther lossless codec
LabelCandlelight Records
Label code
Catalog numberCANDLE010CD
Bar code
CountryUnited Kingdom
CommentMixture of Melodic Death Metal and Prog Rock; First-press edition. The only reason for reaching a middle DR value of 9 is the regurlarly appearing silent passages (e.g. acoustic guitar only). Just to give an example of what values the album could have reached if it completely consisted of the dominating drums, bass and electric guitars arrangement: The first 3:44 of Track 1 has a DR of 7.2 (left) and 6.9 (right). Anyway it is produced much better compared to recent metal productions and has a decent sound. There is no clipping. Log file: DR Peak RMS Filename ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DR8 -0.27 dB -10.26 dB 01. In Mist She Was Standing.wav DR9 -0.27 dB -11.90 dB 02. Under The Weeping Moon.wav DR11 -0.29 dB -14.59 dB 03. Silhouette.wav DR9 -0.27 dB -10.92 dB 04. Forest Of October.wav DR8 -0.27 dB -11.36 dB 05. The Twilight Is My Robe.wav DR10 -7.81 dB -20.69 dB 06. Requiem.wav DR9 -0.27 dB -11.79 dB 07. The Apostle In Triumph.wav ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Number of files: 7 Official DR value: DR9
AlgorithmTT DR Offline Meter (or compatible)

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