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Someone tried to vandalise the database by deleting about 76k entries. I restored those entries and have temporarily disabled the delete and edit functions to prevent further damage. In foresight I have implemented those functions in a non-destructive manner. Nothing is actually deleted but just flagged as such. Edits just create a new copy of an entry but leave the previous version intact.

This incident makes me think about introducing user accounts where users can only edit or delete their own entries. Maybe I will keep it simple by letting every album be created with some kind of password that the user can define when uploading the log. This way they can edit or delete their entries but not others. There have been other deletions in the past, mostly by people who think that vinyl, MP3 or self-improved versions of albums should not be there. I will address this issue in an upcoming FAQ at some time in the future.

I deliberately designed this project as a community project with wiki-like user privileges (everyone can do everything). I'm not a company, I (a single person) run this project in my free time and it is not my top priority in real life. This is why I don't respond to e-mails in most cases and why I don't introduce updates often. But I care about this project nonetheless and see that it is important to people. Major issues are always addressed at some point.

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(16 albums total)

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Artist Album Year avg
Codec Source
Amplifier Residue (Part 1) [Bandcamp ALAC] 2014 08 07 09 lossless Download
Amplifier Residue (Part 2) [Bandcamp ALAC] 2015 09 07 11 lossless Download
Amplifier Mystoria (Limited Edition) 2014 07 06 08 lossless CD
Amplifier Fractal 2011 08 07 09 lossless Download
Amplifier The Octopus (Disc 2) (Limited Edition DigiPack) 2010 08 07 09 lossless CD
Amplifier The Octopus (Disc 1) (Limited Edition DigiPack) 2010 07 06 08 lossless CD
Amplifier Eternity 2009 06 05 07 lossless CD
Amplifier Insider 2006 07 06 09 lossless CD
Amplifier The Astronaut Dismantles HAL 2005 09 07 10 lossless CD
Amplifier Amplifier (Disc 2 - bonus disc) 2005 06 06 07 lossless CD
Amplifier Amplifier (Disc 1) 2005 06 05 07 lossless CD
Amplifier Sunriders (EP) 2013 06 06 07 lossless Unknown
Amplifier Echo Street 2013 07 06 10 lossless Unknown
Amplifier Fractal (EP) 2011 08 07 09 lossless Unknown
Amplifier The Octopus 2011 07 06 09 lossless Unknown
Amplifier Amplifier 2004 07 06 08 lossy Unknown

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